New Artwork for my solo exhibition in “Sahara Gallery”

My exhibition in Sahara Gallery, Las Vegas, ended on January 17, where I displayed my artworks for the past years, some portraits and number of new figurative and abstract paintings. I want to thank all of you who visited my exhibition, especially those who came from other cities and even states: Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Francisco, San Diego and even from New York (thanks to Christmas Holidays!). I’d like also to thank all of you,- hundreds of visitors for your great comments in the Guest Book. Thank you very much! Of course my special thanks to those few who decided to add […]

“After the concert” on Saatchi promotion.

WOW! My painting “After the concert. Violin” is on sponsored promotion of Saatchi Museum in London and, the world’s leading online art gallery!

I am excited about new exhibition in Las Vegas

My solo exhibition in Sahara Gallery (former Museum) is opening on the 1st of December and will continue till January 15th. I gonna show my collection of over 20 paintings. Some of them are previously done in Love and Music themes and new once created recently, mostly in Abstract style. Welcome to “Sound of Colors” exhibition.      


Last month my publisher Paul asked me to paint few abstract paintings in cubistic style. “You made the whole series of paintings with cubistic elements in the past, let’s try some new once in Abstract cubism.” He liked first 3-4 and I continue another series of cubism paintings. I love it and here are some of them done for auctions.

My new line of paintings: Abstracts

Recently my printer-publisher asked me in addition to the limited editions of my main lines of art, to work on a new line of paintings: abstracts which their company offers at different auctions. I got excited over that fact since for awhile I was looking for the ways to update my style and art language. Today I’m happy that my fans and collectors not only approve this new line, but also say that they do recognize my hand, my style in new line of paintings. Thank you for your support, my friends! Here are some examples of my abstract paintings.  

Zinovy Shersher. Passion and mystery of music and art.

“I want people to hear the music in my paintings,” says Zinovy Shersher, award-winning Soviet painter, entertainer and composer, living in the United States since 1980, who was the first fine artist to combine the passion and mystery of music and art. His distinctive style genius is a mystical amalgam of spirituality, sensuality, and passion.                                          Shersher has a numerous awards as an artist and a musician including The Oil Pastel Association and Akademia Awards. More than 100 articles, TV and Radio interviews have been […]